Main Cources
  • Steak on a plank 180g / 250g
    25,90 / 29,90

    Marbled beef tenderloin, flavored butter, seasonal vegetables, dippers potatoes, house mayonnaise (L, G)

  • Vegan Steak on a Plank

    Beyond vegan steak, seasonal vegetables, dippers potatoes, lingonberry-pear-chili mayonnaise (L, G)

  • Pepper Steak 180G

    Fillet of beef 180g, pepper and cream sauce, seasonal vegetables, creamy potatoes (L, G)

  • Ribs 250g / 500g / 1000g
    18,90 / 20,90 / 29,90

    Pork ribs in Rami’s bbq sauce, coleslaw, dippers potatoes, lingonberry-pear-chili mayonnaise (L)

  • Fried pike perch fillet

    Fried pike fillet, chanterelle sauce, green salad, boiled potatoes (L, G)

  • Archipelago Plate

    Herring in house marinade, cold smoked salmon, freshly salted whitefish, smoked Archipelago lamb, boiled potatoes, green salad and Archipelago bread (L)

  • Fish & Chips

    Breaded pikeperch, french-fries, herb mayonnaise, green salad (L)

  • Chicken Chèvre

    Grilled chicken fillet, fried goat cheese, red wine sauce, seasonal vegetables, sweet potato fries (G)

  • Grilled mix 2 hlö

    Pork ribs in Rami’s bbq sauce, grilled chicken fillet, beef on a skewer, scallops and scampi, dippers potatoes, green salad, red wine sauce, aioli, lingonberry-pear-chili mayonnaise (L)